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Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures performed at dental practices. It involves bleaching a patient’s teeth to remove discolouration or stains on the enamel of the teeth.

Patients are often unaware that getting their teeth whitened by a dentist is much more effective than using home whitening kits and is also a much safer option. Home whitening kits can often produce inconsistent results and even damage teeth.

Many patients are also unaware that the procedure should only be performed by a dentist or another dental professional, such as a dental hygienist or dental therapist. This should always be on the prescription of a dentist.

Promoting teeth whitening in the waiting room

To help you promote your teeth whitening options to patients in the waiting room we have added a new teeth whitening video to our media library. It explains how the procedure is commonly performed and the benefits to patients of having their teeth whitened by their dentist.

Waiting room TV is a great way of promoting additional services and products to patients whilst they are in the waiting room. Patients are often more engaged whilst they wait for their appointment and can easily enquire about any services they are interested in. You could also use our templating system to show a before and after example of your teeth whitening work.

We also a range of other content on the Envisage Dental TV library to help you promote your products and services to patients. This includes dental implants, veneers and orthodontic procedures.

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For more information about using Envisage Dental TV to promote your products and services please call us on 0114 399 0019 or email:

If you are an existing user of Envisage Dental TV and would like any help adding this new video to your playlist then please contact our support team on 0114 399 0010, or visit our training videos support page.