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Enterprise Features

Manage and display content in multiple locations instantly with Share

Share your content

Envisage Dental TV Share is an enterprise solution that enables you to distribute a range of content to multiple dental practice screens quickly and easily. This is ideal for large dental groups who can display their messages in any number of locations. With Share you can:

Upload your own content – including videos, images, PDFs and PowerPoint files
Share content from our media library – including videos from Invisalign, Colgate and our in-house library
Create your own slides – using our innovative templating system

Instant deployment

Share will enable you to deploy the same or different content to multiple displays instantly. You can update these displays as many times as you need in real time and practices can add their own content alongside if you want them to.

Our content scheduler allows you to schedule content to be displayed at certain times of the day, week or month. This will ensure your messages are always relevant and up-to-date.

Manage your screens

Envisage Dental TV Share offers a range of tools to help you manage your practice screens and share content easily.

Ensure content is displayed

Easily see which practices are displaying which content and quickly confirm whether individual screens are online in real-time.

Group your displays

Divide your displays into unlimited sub-groups with each playing different content if required. Use tagging to deploy content to many display groups at once.

Unlimited user accounts

Manage unlimited user accounts, even with different permission levels, and assign these to as many display groups as you need.

"Share enables us to get our promotions and campaigns to multiple practices instantly. This is ideal for major campaigns, and ensures our messages are always consistent and relevant."

Get in touch

To find out more about Envisage Dental TV Share, click the link below to contact us, or give us a call on 0114 399 0019.