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Promoting your services to new patients is vital to the success of your dental practice.

However, encouraging your existing patients to purchase additional treatments and services can be an excellent way of increasing the marketing success of your practice. It can also be a much more cost effective than marketing to new customers.

Showing examples of your cosmetic dentistry work

A great way to do this is to show your existing patients examples of your cosmetic dentistry work. Allowing them to compare this to a ‘before’ photo of the patient who had the work can really highlight the benefits of any work.

People always want to look like an ‘after’ photo, and seeing someone with a smile that previously looked similar to theirs can prompt them to enquire about having the procedure themselves.

Along with encouraging them to think about having the treatment, seeing examples of your completed work will build trust that you are the correct person to perform the procedure. Some of the cosmetic dentistry procedures you could promote in this way include teeth whitening, dental implants and orthodontic work.

Before and After template

To help our users promote their services more effectively, we have recently added a Before and After template to our Envisage Dental TV system. Templates are fully editable slides that can be used to share your practice information, or promote your special offers and services to patients.

The Before and After template will allow you to upload ‘before’ and ‘after’ images of your work to the screens in your waiting room. This can also include some additional information to explain the treatment that has been performed. They can then be displayed instantly on your screens for patients to see.

All of the templates are fully branded to your practice and include your logo and practice colours. They can also be edited as many times as you require. You can create multiple versions of the same template to show a range of examples of your work.

Finding out more information

For more information about using Envisage Dental TV to promote your cosmetic dentistry work to patients, please contact our dedicated team on 0114 399 0019, or email:

If you are an existing Envisage Dental TV user and need any further help using templating, then please contact our technical support team on 0114 399 0010, or email: