Patient Call

Save practice time and improve the patient experience 

Call patients from your consulting room

Patient Call is an additional feature that can be purchased with Envisage Dental TV that allows you to call patients directly from your consulting room. This removes the need for you or your reception staff to leave their desks to call patients to their appointments.

Installing Patient Call saves practice staff time and the simplified process reduces waiting times for patients.

Key features and benefits

Reduces patient waiting times

A reduced workload for all staff means that patients can be seen more quickly, reducing patient waiting times.

Gives staff more time with patients

Staff no longer have to leave their consulting rooms to get patients from the waiting room, giving them more time with patients.

Reduces pressure on reception staff

Staff can easily call patients to their appointment, reducing workload on reception staff.

Entertains and educates your patients

The wide range of content available with Envisage Dental TV improves your waiting areas and helps to educate your patients.


Simple to use

With Envisage Dental TV Patient Call, the patient’s name, staff details and room name or number are displayed instantly on the TV screen. This can include an optional voiceover for those patients with a visual impairment who may struggle to see the screen.

Click one of the buttons below to see an example of how a patient call is displayed using Envisage Dental TV.

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