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Waiting room TV and patient call for your dental practice

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Enhance your practice with dental waiting room TV

Your waiting room is a patient’s first impression of your dental practice, and one cluttered with posters and leaflets can look messy and untidy. This means that important promotions and messages may be missed by patients.

The Envisage Dental waiting room TV and patient call system delivers a range of promotional and educational messages tailored to your practice. This creates a professional, pleasant environment and helps your patients to feel comfortable and well-informed.

Features and benefits

Envisage Dental TV provides a range of features to allow you to promote your practice, create personalised messages, educate patients, and showcase your social media:

Promote your practice

Increase your product sales and promote additional services, such as dental implants and teeth whitening, to your patients while they wait.

Personalise your message

Use our unique templating system to create personalised messages that share your practice information and promote your special offers.

Educate your patients

Educate your patients on oral health to improve their oral care and ensure they have a better understanding of the treatments you provide.

Showcase your social media 

Integrate your Instagram and Twitter accounts to display your social media feeds on your TV screens instantly.

Seamless Patient Call System

Envisage Dental TV is available with an optional Patient Call System that allows you to call patients directly from your consulting room using the screens in your waiting room.

This removes the need for you or your reception staff to leave their desks and collect patients, saving time and improving the patient experience.

Fully integrated with:

“The surgeries are running more efficiently and faster and no time is wasted having to leave the surgery. This has resulted in more time for the nurses and dentists”

Bexleyheath Dental Practice

"We have had a number of patients request more information about the treatments we offer after seeing them promoted on the screens.”

Diamond Court Dental Practice
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How it works

Envisage Dental TV is simple to install and even easier to use. You’re in complete control and all you need is a TV screen and internet access.

Plug & play – our plug and play ready media player is included with your subscription
Simple to use – we’ll give you access to our Envisage Dental TV Interface so you can control your system from any location with internet
Low cost – all the features of Envisage Dental TV are available for one simple low cost subscription, paid monthly or annually.

Get in touch

To find out more about the Envisage Dental TV and optional patient call system for your dental practice, click the link below to contact us, or call us on 0114 399 0019.