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Waiting room TV & patient call for your  dental practice

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Enhance your practice with dental waiting room TV

Your waiting room is a patient’s first impression of your dental practice, and one cluttered with posters and leaflets can look messy and untidy. This means that important promotions and messages may be missed by patients.

The Envisage Dental waiting room TV and patient call system allows you to share a range of promotional and educational messages quickly and easily. This creates a professional, pleasant environment and helps your patients to feel comfortable and well-informed.

What can I display?

Our innovative Content Manager interface is powered by CodaSign and will allow you to upload, create and share a range of content to your displays in minutes. This includes:

Graphics and video

Easily upload a range of images, videos and other files to your system, including JPEG, PNG, MP4 and PDF files.

Editable templates

Use our unique templating system to create a range of messages that share your practice information and promote special offers.

Social media feeds

Integrate your Instagram and Twitter accounts to display your social media feeds on your TV screens instantly.

External content

Quickly share a range of content from external providers, including Canva, YouTube and weather feeds.

Media Library

We understand how costly and time consuming it can be to keep creating new content to share on your displays. That’s why we can provide a library of media for you to use that is specifically designed for use by dental practices.

Envisage Dental TV is available with an optional Media Library feature which includes hundreds of videos for you to display on your screens, some of which can be downloaded for use on your website or social media platforms! All content is regularly checked by professionals to ensure its accuracy, and new content is added on a regular basis.

“I would definitely recommend the Envisage Dental TV system to other practices because it helps to showcase the work that you do at the practice. It also helps to educate patients about their oral health and promote the services that they may not have known that you offer”

Dr Rajit Singh Panesar – Dentist and Principal Owner

Seamless Patient Call System

Envisage Dental TV is available with an optional Patient Call System that allows you to call patients directly from your consulting room using the screens in your waiting room.

This removes the need for you or your reception staff to leave their desks and collect patients, saving time and improving the patient experience.

Fully integrated with:

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To find out more about the Envisage Dental TV waiting room TV and optional patient call system for your dental practice, click the link below to contact us, or call us on 0114 399 0019.