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If your practice offers Denplan health plans then you and your team already know the many benefits these plans offer your patients.

Denplan health plans make it easier for patients to visit their dentist regularly and help them to be proactive with their own oral health. 

However, are all your patients aware of these plans and the benefits they provide?

Promoting your products and services to patients

It can sometimes feel difficult and even a little uncomfortable up selling products, clinics and services to patients. There may also be time constraints whether in the appointment or at the reception that prevent you explaining the benefits adequately.

Posters and leaflets in reception can look messy and untidy, and this can mean that important promotions and messages can be be missed. This is one reason why so many dental practices are moving towards waiting room TV, such as Envisage Dental TV, to help promote their products and services to patients.

With a vast library of educational and promotional videos, Envisage Dental TV is a great way of engaging with your patients whilst they wait for their appointment. This can be valuable time to educate patients about oral healthcare and promote your special offers and services, including the benefits of the Denplan health plans from Simplyhealth.

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Envisage Dental TV partnership with Simplyhealth

It gives us great pleasure to announce a partnership between Envisage Dental TV and Simplyhealth that will help Denplan practices to promote their health plans to patients using waiting room TV:

“This partnership is seen as an excellent way to enable more practices to engage with their patients and promote their services and offers, including Denplan content. With unlimited playlist lengths, no forced advertising, and the backup of a nationwide support and service team from Numed Healthcare, Envisage Dental TV is the ideal choice for dental practices looking for waiting room TV”. Simon Healy, Managing Director Numed Healthcare.

As part of this partnership, we are now offering free standard installation* on all new Envisage Dental TV systems for Denplan providers until 29th March 2019. This is a saving of over £495 on the standard installation cost.

Find out more information

To take advantage of this exclusive limited time offer, simply visit the Denplan Advantage website, or call our team on 0114 399 0019 quoting ‘Simplyhealth’.


*subject to site survey