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Patient call systems are now commonplace in many healthcare environments. Thousands of patients are called every day using automated systems, saving hundreds of hours of practice staff time and improving the experience for patients. These systems often run alongside waiting room media systems, which allow patients to be educated while they wait to be called to their appointment.

However, many dental practices still have clinical staff escort patients to their appointment themselves, or telephone reception to ask them to send the patient through. This process can be very time consuming for staff. For example, if a dentist sees 20 patients in a day, then this could be more than 40 trips back and forth just to collect patients!

What is a patient call system?

Patient call systems allow dentists and other clinical staff to call patients using the TV screen located in their waiting room.

When you are ready to call a patient, you simply control the system from the PC in your treatment room with just a few clicks. The patient’s name, clinician’s name and the room number are displayed instantly on the screen for them to see.

If you still want to go and collect your patient from the waiting room then this notification prepares them for your arrival. This option saves you waiting for them to gather their possessions together before their appointment.

How does patient call work?

Patient call systems are very simple and can be used by any practice where PCs are available in the clinician rooms. There are two main types of patient call system:

  • Manual Call Systems – this is where the patient’s name is entered into the call system by ta member of staff, either by typing or copying and pasting from the clinical system.
  • Integrated Call Systems – this is where the patient can be called directly from the practice clinical system without any entering of patient details.

Whether you use a manual or integrated patient call, both systems are very easy to use and much more efficient than collecting patients yourself from the waiting room.

What are the benefits of using a patient call system?

Patient call can provide a range of benefits to dental practices, from saving clinician’s time to improving the flow of patients in the practice. practices often see:

  • Reduced patient waiting times – The reduced workload for staff and improved patient flow means that patients can be seen more quickly, reducing waiting times.
  • More time for clinical staff to treat patients – As clinical staff no longer have to leave their rooms to collect and accompany patients from the waiting room, they have more time to treat and care for patients.
  • Less pressure on administration staff – Having the ability for clinical staff to call patients to their appointment directly reduces the workload on reception staff. This allows them to focus on providing services for patients.

Along with all the benefits of patient call, Envisage Dental TV is also a waiting room TV system with a library of videos that can help to educate patients on oral care. This helps patients to have a better understanding of the different treatments available and ensures their attention is maintained on the screen while they wait to be called to their appointment.

If you have any questions, or would like more information about adding Envisage Dental TV patient call to your dental practice, then please speak to a member of our team on 0114 399 0019, or email