Langley Dental Practice is one of the leading dental practices in Manchester. Patients throughout the area choose the practice because of its modern approach and high quality dental services.

The practice chose to install Envisage Dental TV because of the Software of Excellence EXACT integrated patient call functionality and the increased efficiency this provides. However they have since found a range of other educational and marketing benefits to installing the system.

The following is an interview with Kristy Miller, Reception Manager at the practice, about her experience with their integrated waiting room TV and patient call system:

What were the main reasons for purchasing a waiting room TV system with patient call for your dental practice?

We were expanding the practice and wanted a better system for calling patients. We also wanted to advertise our services and provide patients with knowledge of the dental and cosmetic treatments available.

How many surgeries do you have running?

8 surgeries in total.

How many patients do you see in a day?

We see approximately 140 patients per day.

Do all the clinicians, dentists and hygienists use the patient call functionality?


What are the main benefits you have found using the patient call functionality?

It allows the patients to come through to the room more efficiently and allows the nurses to have additional time for cross infection and set up for the next patient.

How much time are your clinicians saving by not walking to and from the waiting room using the patient call functionality?

45 second to a minute – depending on the surgery. In total, this saves our clinicians around 2 hours every day.

Do you like the educational content?

Yes – we do like to participate in campaigns such as smile month, oral cancer awareness etc and find that the patients take more notice when information is displayed on the Envisage Dental TV screens.

Do you have any other feedback regarding the Envisage Dental TV with Patient Call for EXACT V13?

Patients have made comments regarding the screen and how professional it looks and how informative it is. We have had several patients who have enquired regarding cosmetic treatment which would previously have not realised the additional services we offer.