Diamond Court Dental Practice is situated in the heart of Bakewell in Derbyshire. They are a modern, forward thinking dental practice who understand the importance of embracing the latest technology to enhance patient care and improve efficiency.

They chose the Envisage Dental TV patient call system to both improve the waiting experience for patients and reduce pressure on their clinical and administration staff. Practice Manager Tara Gray was delighted with the service they received and the way the patient call system worked seamlessly with their existing Software of Excellence EXACT patient management system:

“The installation of the system went very smoothly, and the Numed team helped us every step of the way. The patient call feature is really simple to use and works seamlessly alongside EXACT. Patients can be called directly from their patient record without any additional software or changes to our existing procedures.” 

The practice has experienced real time saving benefits since installing the patient call system. They run and average of five surgeries per day with five full time dentists and they have seen a significant increase in the time they have available to prepare and care for patients:

“Since installing the patient call system we have found that our surgeries are running much more efficiently. Patients are now seen more quickly than before, and less time is wasted by clinical staff having to leave their consulting rooms to collect patients. Those patients who are still collected from the waiting room are better prepared for the clinician’s arrival by using patient call. This still saves time but maintains our personal service.”

“We estimate that each of our five dentists is saving between 45 – 60 seconds per appointment by using patient call. On average, we see 160 patients per day which means our clinical staff now have around 2 – 2:30 hours extra time per day to better prepare and care for patients. This type of efficiency saving is vital in a busy practice like ours.”

Tara has also found the waiting room promotional content available on the system really beneficial in helping them promote their offers and services to patients. In addition to this, they have seen patients request more information about improving their oral care through the information displayed on the system:

“The marketing content is excellent, and the ability to create our own personalised messages through the templates section has allowed us to promote our treatments and services to patients quickly and easily. We have seen a significant increase in the number of enquiries received for products and services since installing the system.”

“A number of patients have also commented that they find the educational content very informative and we regularly have patients come and speak to us about the information they see on the screens.”