Dr Pujan Soni, Principal Dentist at Crowborough and Eastbourne Gentle Dental Practice, understands the need to engage with patients about oral healthcare and hygiene, as well as informing them about the latest treatments and services provided by the practice.

The ideal location to do this is in the practice waiting room through the waiting room TV. Delivering the right message into the right place at the right time! Dr Soni explains:

‘We purchased the Envisage Dental TV system a few months ago. We didn’t require their specialist install service as we have a TV and a reliable Wi-Fi network. The media player is a simple ‘Plug and Play’ device.  I installed it and in just a few minutes we were up and running.

I create the playlist through the easy to use software interface from any of our computers. The videos they have created are really informative, engaging and educational. We are also able to create our own branded adverts from the built-in ‘Template System’, we are able to promote implants, whitening and straightening and we’ve seen a noticeable increase in interest and treatment bookings.

I like the system compared to others we looked at because the playlist is entirely ‘Dental’ specific, there are no external adverts for other ‘Non Related’ companies or ‘Movie Trailers’ and the content is really high quality. 

Overall we really like the system and would highly recommend the system and service. Our clients tell me that it makes time go by whilst they wait and it presents our information in a professional way!’