Bridge Dental Practice and Cosmetic Studio are based in Isleworth West London and provide a range of dental treatments to both NHS and private patients. They had been looking at various ways to increase patient engagement when they came across Envisage Dental TV and decided to choose the system.

The below is an interview with Dr Bhupinder Bhogal – Principal Dentist, and Ela Cielen – Practice Manager regarding their experience with Envisage Dental TV  and the benefits they have found since installing the system at their practice.

How long have you been using the Envisage Dental TV system for?

We have had the system installed for 2 months.

Why did you purchase the Envisage Dental TV waiting room service?

We met the team and saw the system in use at the London Professional Dentistry show in February. We’d been looking at ways to enhance patient engagement and communication whilst in our practice waiting area. The system looked fantastic and superb value, so we went ahead and ordered.

You also chose our professional installation service, why was that important?

We had an existing large TV in the waiting area and one in an adjacent surgery viewable from the chair, we also needed an additional screen within the waiting room displaying content, so with the complexity of the setup we needed an install team on site. They delivered and carried out the work quickly and efficiently, causing no patient or appointment disruption.

Is the Envisage Dental TV system easy to use?

The software is so easy to use, the best thing is the adaptability, being able to chop and change the information immediately at our convenience, according to our patient profile, for example during the school holidays applying more child friendly educational content. Another example is when our Implant surgeon is here, we can adapt the playlist for implant educational content.

We have also been able to create our own slides promoting our special offers, and specific treatments to our clients.

Are there any features of Envisage Dental TV that your team particularly like?

We love that we can login on any internet enabled computer or tablet and within seconds we can adapt the playlist to send to the screens. I can change the message and playlist instantly.

Would you recommend Envisage Dental TV to other practices?

100% without question we would recommend the Envisage Dental TV system, anyone using the system will be amazed of just how instantly patients will react and interact with the team regarding key educational information and promotions as a result of viewing the amazing range of content on the system.

Could you explain why you would recommend Envisage Dental TV to other practices?

We have certainly seen an uplift in hygienist services, we no longer have gaps in the timetable and we find patients are asking to book appointments with her now due to a better understanding of periodontal disease.

There has also been a significant increase in patient requests for white fillings, whitening and Invisalign treatments due to promotions we run through the TV system. We also notice that parents recognise the educational benefits whilst they are sitting with their children.

In general, our patients have a better understanding of the discussions with the dentist or hygienist as the TV system is explaining issues that we focus on, such as periodontal disease.

The content also allays fears for nervous patients and possible misconceptions about treatments and keeps them engaged whilst waiting for their appointment.

Another great feature is that we are able to effectively communicate practice notices via the templating system, such as opening hours and requests for updates of any changes in patient details or medical history.

So, all in all are you happy with the system and are you glad you had it installed in your Practice?

100%! The system has has proved to be exactly what we needed in our practice and we are looking forward to expanding and developing the content over the coming months.