Bexleyheath Dental Practice are a busy, friendly, family-run dental practice in Kent. They chose the Envisage Dental TV waiting room TV and patient call system to both enhance patient care and reduce pressure on their clinical staff.

Mohamed and Hussein at the practice have been very pleased with the new system, including the time it has saved their staff and the increased number of enquiries they have received about treatments:

“Our very busy mixed NHS/independent dental practice has rapidly expanded. Four surgeries are on the second floor up two flights of stairs. The Nurses and Dentists began complaining about having to go up and down the stairs 25-30 times a day.

Unfortunately, our current software company did not have a solution. After contacting numerous companies, Numed advised us of their Envisage Dental TV patient call system that they were rolling out to dental practices. We did get quotes from other companies, however Numed’s was the most competitive.

The system consists of two parts; one being a rolling playlist of videos for our waiting room that can easily be customised with Envisage Dental TV library of videos advertising common services i.e. cosmetic, facial rejuvenation, orthodontics as well as advisory videos such as good oral hygiene routines, the second aspect is the patient calling system.

The patient call system works alongside our normal dental software, the patients details are simply cut/copy pasted in to the Envisage Dental TV software. The video in the waiting room is halted and an alert pings on screen with the patients name and the surgery they are to attend. 

We have found the system to be stable and function perfectly. The surgeries are running more efficiently and faster and no time is wasted having to leave the surgery. This has resulted in more time for the nurses to clean and dentists with more time to finish writing their notes before the next patient enters. 

The patient feedback has been very good, watching educational or advertising videos while waiting. This has also lead to more questions and enquiries for treatments at reception and in surgery.

We are very happy with the decision we made. Thank you Numed for the Envisage Dental TV system!”