Campbell Dental Practice is a vibrant multi surgery practice providing modern dentistry to a wide range of patients. They have been serving the local community in Stoke-on-Trent for over 100 years, treating NHS and private patients with care.

They recently chose to install the Envisage Dental TV patient call system and have been delighted with the experience. Jay Parekh, Business Manager at the practice, explains why they chose the system and the benefits they have experienced since having it installed:

“As a busy NHS practice, we had been exploring various solutions to help make the patient journey smoother and to increase efficiency for our staff. 

The functionality and very crucially the Software of Excellence Exact integration of Envisage Dental TV made this the best choice for our practice. 

The main reason for investing in a calling system was that we had recently expanded from a three surgery practice with two waiting areas, to a four surgery practice with one large waiting area. 

This change had resulted in an increase in patient footfall, and without a calling system staff had to come out of the surgery to call patients to their appointment. This reduced the time they had to treat and care for patients. The Envisage Dental TV patient call system solved this problem by enabling the dentist to choose when to call a patient into their surgery. 

We have 4 surgeries and we see between 80-120 patients a day. All our dentists and hygienists use the patient calling system with the main benefits being the increased efficiency in surgery, and optimising dentists’ and nurses’ time. Also, the reception team no longer have to inform patients when to go into the surgery, allowing them to focus on other valuable tasks. We estimate that it saves the practice approximately 1 hour per day, this is around 30 seconds per patient.

We find the educational content is very useful and helps to keep patients engaged and entertained whilst they wait for their appointment. We can also use the new screen to promote the various treatments and services we offer to our patients.”