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The National Health Service (NHS) dental charges have increased, underscoring the importance for dental practices to communicate this change promptly and clearly to their waiting patients. The new charges, while necessary to support the quality of care provided, can catch patients off guard if they are unaware. This is especially crucial given the financial strains many individuals are already facing.


For many, a trip to the dentist can be an unexpected expense. Whether it’s a routine check-up or a necessary procedure, the costs can add up. This is where transparency becomes essential. Patients who are already waiting for appointments should not be hit with a surprise bill due to increased charges. By informing them in advance, dental practices can alleviate stress and allow patients to plan accordingly.

Build Trust

Beyond financial implications, being transparent about the new charges builds trust. Patients appreciate honesty and upfront communication. It shows that the dental practice values their patients and respects their financial considerations. This can lead to stronger patient-practice relationships and increased patient satisfaction.

Patient Education

Practices can utilise various channels to relay this information. Sending out emails, updating social media pages, utilising the Envisage Dental – waiting room TV service, and having the receptionist inform patients during appointment bookings are all effective methods. Providing clear explanations about why the charges have increased can also help patients understand the necessity behind the change.

NHS Dental Charges 2024

NHS Dental Charges increase

In the end, keeping patients informed about the latest NHS dental charges isn’t just about compliance; it’s about ensuring patients feel respected, valued, and prepared. It’s a small step towards creating a positive patient experience and fostering trust between dental practices and those they serve.