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Are you using social media to spread the word about your business, your promotions, team and events? If so you will know the power of video content within your social channels.

If you’ve been putting off investing in video marketing as part of your overall digital marketing strategy, it’s time to get serious about it.

Why should you use video in social media and your website?

Its all about search engine optimisation (SEO) and in particualr – Organic – non paid for clicks.

So to atract new clients to your practice, when they search for a dentist or a procedure such as whitening or straightening, its good to be able to use video rich information rather than text to be on the top of the search list!

The vast number of Google Universal Searches include video

Google Universal Search (GUS) is a method Google uses to blend matches from its search engines, such as images, videos or news searches, into webpage results. If you want to increase exposure and the chance to be seen, you should create or use video content and host it on YouTube. A Searchmetrics study says 62% of GUS include video and that 8 out of 10 include video results from YouTube rather than other video platforms.

Video search results have a higher click-through rate

Video helps site ranking, it also allows people to click on results and steer to your website. When compared to click through rates on plain text-based content. Video click-through is 41% higher. You’ll achieve higher traffic rates on your website, increased product and brand awareness leading to an enhanced return on investment on your video content creation budgets.

Video is 50x more likely to gain organic ranking than plain text results

If you’re trying to increase your Google search ranking – video is the key! A study from Forrester Research reveals video is 50 times more likely to achieve organic page ranks in Google than plain text results. There is less competition among video than plain text, it’s easier to rank well with video.

If your site has video – people stay for longer

Video will not only attract people to your site – it has the job of keeping them there. Search engines pay attention to how long people stay on your website, they assume that if you jump off quicly there was nothing of interest. With video on site, people will stay on for an average of two minutes longer. Google likes this as it shows that your content is both good quality and also engaging.

Articles, posts and content with videos will attract almost three times more inbound traffic compared to a text post. Posts with all three media types – images, video and lists will attract nearly six times more inbound traffic.

Video thumbnails will double the chance of being spotted

Google will add the thumbnail next to a video if it is available. This attracts the eyes of the user and increases the chance they will click it. Be aware though that they are directed to YouTube, not your website. They will see your content, but you want the SEO value of the video passed to your site. Data shows adding the thumbnail can double your search.

New ‘Downloadable Video’ social media category

With this in mind Envisage Dental TV have created a new category to help you enhance your SEO. As well as educate your clients about your processes, procedures and offers.

You can add these videos into your channels. Proven to catch the eye of your potential clients leading to your practice rising up the Google results page.

To gain access to our social media content you need to subscribe to our waiting room TV service.

The service helps educate your clients whilst in the waiting room or surgery and when they are browsing on the internet using our free social media content videos.

This uniform approach to digital marketing is proven to return on your investment – how many Implants or Teeth Whitening procedures would you have to sell to cover the cost?

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