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Social Media Content

A library of videos to share on your social media channels and website

Make better use of social media

Many dental practices now use social media as a tool for engaging with patients but they often fail to take full advantage of this to promote their practice effectively. This can be caused by a lack of engaging content which is often costly and time consuming to produce.

Included with your Envisage Dental TV subscription is a range of downloadable content to use on your social media channels and website. This content is designed to engage with patients and can help to market your practice more effectively.

Educate patients on better oral care

Our social media section contains a range of content to help you educate patients on basic oral care and ensure that they have a better understanding of how to look after their teeth.

The content has been specifically designed for use on social media to encourage your current patients and anyone visiting your social media profiles to engage with your practice.

The information can help encourage them to prompt you for more information about the services you provide.

Promote your services and special offers

Social media is a great way of promoting the services and offers you have at your practice to both new and existing customers.

Existing patients can often be unaware of the range of treatments you provide and new customers who may be looking for specific treatments will be better aware of what you offer.

We have videos on the most popular cosmetic dental treatments, including teeth whitening, orthodontic treatments and other types of cosmetic dental treatments.

Advise patients on your latest procedures

Things have changed dramatically over the last few months and many dental practices are still adjusting to treating patients within the current coronavirus restrictions.

To help with this, we’ll give you easy access to a range of COVID-19 content to share on your social media platforms. This helps to ensure your patients are better aware of the procedures you have at your practice, as well as those in your local area.

This can encourage both new and existing patients to visit your practice as they feel safer and more comfortable about attending.

Get in touch

To find out more about getting Envisage Dental TV for your dental practice, and the range of features available, click the link below to contact us, or give us a call on 0114 399 0019.