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Your dental practice is becoming increasingly high-tech. Patients can now be checked-in to their appointment using automated systems, and you may even text your patients to remind them about their appointments.

However, your waiting room may not have kept up with these changes and still look tired and outdated. Often the only entertainment available to patients are old magazines and many dental practices still use leaflets and posters to inform patients of their various services. These posters and leaflets can quickly become out of date and be costly to keep up to date.

All of this means you may not be making the best of the opportunity to educate your patients and promote your services and offers to them.

Installing dental waiting room TV

Installing a waiting room TV system such as Envisage Dental TV in your dental practice can help to improve many of these problems and create a waiting room where patients feel more comfortable spending their time. This can also help to:

  1. Reduce perceived waiting times – Using waiting room TV to display engaging and informative content can help reduce the perceived time that patients spend in your waiting room. A 15-minute wait can feel more like five minutes when patients are entertained watching content that is targeted to them.
  2. Improve your patients oral care – The time your patients spend in your waiting room is a great opportunity to educate them on how to better care for their teeth. The Envisage Dental TV media library has a range of educational videos, including content on preventing dental erosion and improving diet. All our educational content has been written by a team of practising dentists and hygienists to ensure its accuracy.
  3. Keep your patients better informed – You can use Envisage Dental TV to ensure your patients are kept up to date about your practice information, such as changes in opening times or emergency service information. You can also ensure that your latest services and offers are promoted in an engaging way and are always up to date.
  4. Ease patient anxiety – Ensuring your patients are better informed about the treatments you provide can help to reduce the nervousness and anxiety about their appointment. Our media library includes content on a range of dental procedures, including dental implants, veneers and crowns.
  5. Create a better connection with your staff – Waiting room TV gives you the opportunity to introduce your team to your patients in an engaging way. You can use our unique templating system to create staff introductions that show the professional qualifications of your team. This can help to build stronger relationships between your patients and staff.

Find out more information

If you would like to find out more about waiting room TV for your dental practice, please call 0114 399 0019 or contact us here. To view more previews of the content we have available on Envisage Dental TV, please visit our Media Library.