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Waiting Room TV: What should you be playing?

By May 25, 2023August 23rd, 2023No Comments

Waiting Room TV is utilised by thousands of dental, general and veterinary practices. With waiting times of around 17 minutes, you have a golden opportunity to educate your waiting clients and showcase your treatments, services, offers and clinics, but what should you be playing on your waiting room TV?

  1. Display a variety of good quality educational video content on your waiting room TV

Make sure your TV is showing a playlist of relevant, oral healthcare content. Reinforce the idea that you are the ‘experts’ by displaying up to date, engaging, education content which in turn helps your waiting clients understand that you really are the experts and that you care. This enhances the client/practice bond.

  1. Promote your business on your waiting room TV

Don’t assume your client knows anything about your business. Educate waiting clients about all the various parts of your business. Make them familiar with your team and their interests. Make videos of the facilities and the investments made for their benefit.

  1. Showcase your services, clinics, products and treatments

You have a captive audience – sometimes for up to 20 or 30 minutes. Whilst clients wait, make them aware of everything you do. Promote your health plan- such as Denplan, alignment – Invisalign for instance, and Teeth Whitening, such as Boutique Whitening. Introduce treatments, offers and the hygienist clinics and is proven to start conversations.

  1. Should be part of your marketing toolkit

The waiting room TV should be equal in importance as your social media and website presence. The treatments, offers , before and after images used across all output should be working in tangent – with a cohesive approach. This will maximise exposure and lead to an increase in ROI.

  1. Use a proven service such as Envisage Dental Waiting Room TV

Why do it yourself? Do you or a member of the team battle with power point, spend time downloading files onto USB keys, climbing behind TVs whilst balancing on a waiting room chair? Wonder who is going  to make the next poster about dental bonding. STOP!
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