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With the onset of Covid-19 many practice waiting rooms became an empty, unloved place with little or no use. Clients are begining to enter the waiting area so its time to rethink the space.

First impressions count

It is a cliche we are all too familiar with, sit in your own waiting area, what do you think? Does it look tired, unprofessional, in need of a clean, maybe a makeover. Is it a pleasant and calming space?

How are your messages portayed?

Do you use a number of confusing notice boards with random messages?

Upgrade your waiting room with a large LCD display. It will become the focus of your clients attention and help educate, entertain and inform them about dental plans, treatments, clinics and practice news.

Make sure your TV is on and displaying relevant, easy to understand information. Show your clients what treatments and services you are still performing. It is a wasted opportunity if you don’t.

Envisage Dental TV is a waiting room TV service enabling you to entertain and inform waiting clients about dental healthcare topics. The system will also enable you to upsell your services, treatments and clinics. Click to see what our customers think>

Integration with Software of Excellence

The system is also fully integrated into Software of Excellence EXACT 13. We’re an official partner. This enables you to call in your client from the waiting area into your surgery by the click of a button on your keyboard. Therefore reducing your journeys around the practice.