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Over the next two months, Envisage Dental TV are launching a series of ‘Oral Health Tips’.

The country is in virtual lockdown. Dental practices are all but closed seeing only emergency cases. Oral health education and prevention is vital at the moment to help people maintain good oral care.

The series will focus on self help and covers topics such as the daily routine.

Topics covered are flossing, interdental brushing, teeth brush techniques, electric versus manual toothbrushes, mouth cancer self check and many more.

Some of the videos will be available on request to practices using our system. Practices can utilise the videos in their websites and social media channels to help educate their clients.

You’ll be able to find our tips across Facebook and Twitter. If you have any requests please send them via Twitter .

The Envisage Dental TV system is a practice based – waiting room TV service. If you want to find out more please click on the link.