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Marketing to waiting patients is crucial for the dentist/patient relationship. There is a genuine need to educate and engage with your patients, especially whilst they are in your practice. There will be important messages about their oral healthcare. You will also want to convey the benefits of joining a dental health plan, discuss treatment options as well as many other items which you simply don’t have time to converse about during a consult.

Utilising that ‘Dead Time’ – the 20 or so minutes that a patient may be waiting is vital, and will benefit both the practice and the oral healthcare of your patient.


1. Increase revenue:

Marketing to waiting patients will lead to an increase in practice revenue. Showcase your clinics, treatments and offers – leading to uplift.


2. Educating Patients

It provides an opportunity to educate patients about the maintenance of their teeth and the potential consequence of not sticking to an oral healthcare regime.

Integration of social media reviews – building trust

3. Building Trust

Sharing informative content can build trust with patients, showing that the practice is focused on their well-being.


4. Increased Referrals

Satisfied patients are more likely to refer friends and family when they have positive experiences and are well-informed about the practice’s offerings.


5. Reducing Anxiety

Educational materials can help alleviate patient anxiety by demystifying procedures and explaining what to expect.


6. Brand Recognition

Consistent marketing in the waiting room can enhance the practice’s brand recognition and reinforce its expertise.


7. Compliance and Follow-up

Reminders for regular check-ups or follow-up appointments can improve patient compliance and retention.


With hundreds of practices understanding the benefit of waiting room TV is it time for you to consider for your practice? The system enables you to showcase your treatments and offers as well as educating your clients about preventative animal healthcare.