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The Easter weekend is a time for families, friends and feast! With so many of us indulging with more than the usual amount of sweet treats its important for dentists to educate clients about the Dos and Don’ts of dental care over Easter.

We have created a new video, Easter dental advice, in a fun and engaging style, to help you educate your waiting clients through your Envisage Dental Waiting Room TV. It explains various tips, such as dark chocolate is best and the importance of sticking to good oral hygiene habits.

Social Media Version

With so many dental practices now engaging with clients through social media, we have also created a version for social media. Ideal for your Instagram and Twitter feeds.

Envisage Dental TV helps you educate your waiting patients who on average, spend about 15 minutes in the waiting room. How are you taking advantage of this time?
A patient sitting in your waiting room cares about dental health and is already using some of your services, so this is the perfect opportunity to gain some life-long patients.

With Envisage Dental TV, you can promote your services to your patients while they wait for appointments, such as teeth whitening, Invisalign, dental bonding, dental hygiene, and much more.

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