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Envisage Dental TV Patient Call is now fully integrated with the EXACT practice management system from Software of Excellence. This new integration means that patients can be called from the waiting room directly from their patient record in EXACT, no extra software is required.

Calling a patient within EXACT is really easy. You simply select the patient from the toolbar in EXACT as you normally would and then click the loud hailer icon when you’re ready. The patient is then called using the waiting room screens with audio if selected.

Dental practices who have already chosen integrated patient call system are seeing real day-to-day benefits in using the system. This includes time saving for clinical staff, reduced pressure on reception and a better overall waiting room experience for patients.

Diamond Court Dental Practice chose EXACT integrated patient call to both improve the waiting experience for their patients and increase efficiency within the practice:

“Since installing the patient call system we have found that our surgeries are running much more efficiently. Patients are now seen more quickly than before, and less time is wasted by clinical staff having to leave their consulting rooms to collect patients.”

The practice has also seen real time saving for clinical staff since installing the system:

“We estimate that each of our five dentists is saving between 45 – 60 seconds per appointment by using patient call. On average, we see 160 patients per day which means our clinical staff now have around 2 – 2:30 hours extra time per day to better prepare and care for patients. This type of efficiency saving is vital in a busy practice like ours

Smile Clinic Group are another user of integrated patient call. They have found that their nursing staff are saving both time and effort in using the calling system, rather than collecting patients themselves:

“We are loving the patient call system, it has helped our nurses so much as they no longer have to keep going up and down the stairs to collect patients. This makes the experience quicker all round.”

For more information about using patient call to improve the waiting room experience at your dental practice, please visit our dedicated patient call page or contact us 0114 399 0019, or email: