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Oral health priorities of your patients have changed significantly in the last few years with the advent of reality TV,  shows such as ‘Love Island’ and ‘The Kardashians’.

Patients see the ubiquitous ‘celebrity smile’ as something they aspire to. This is a driving factor in the increasing popularity of cosmetic dentistry.

An exciting career pathway where clinicians can find enrichment financially, technically and professionally. They can do this by improving the structure and aesthetics of a patient’s smile. This leads to increased self confidence for the patient and will bind them to the practice for further treatments in the future.

With this in mind – dental practitioners are looking at ways to upskill themselves, training in new techniques, methods, products and technology. All of which (pre pandemic) used to happen – face to face, clinician with a trainer, at seminars, CPD learning days at conferences and exhibitions.

All of that changed, and perhaps led to innovation and a new, more effective way of CPD delivery.

Continued education and training

There is a substantial amount of skill and effort in creating excellent outcomes in cosmetic dentistry.  Requiring knowledge in tools, technology, materials and concepts.

This emphasises the importance of investing in continued education and training in order to master a wide range of techniques. Many of which are evolving as cosmetic dentistry advances. 

Digital learning platforms have evolved and become much more user friendly and immersive.

There are so many benefits to on-line learning, one has been the accessibility to world leaders in the various dentistry fields – to be able to Q&A with professionals on a number of related topics from business, to efficiencies. 

Another benefit – is the time factor, no travel to conferences required, the online tutorial tends to happen at times that fit into your working day. This also cuts down on cost and the carbon footprint.

Obviously – the pandemic made meeting at seminars and learning workshops prohibitive.

We are certain that when things return back to normal – clinicians will want to meet in person, network and enjoy the social interaction of a conference and the other benefits they offer, only time will tell when and how this will happen.

Modern Platforms

Online – modern educational platforms provide opportunities to mix learning theory with practical assessment. Helping to enhance the understand of new treatments and procedures. 

As we get used to using remote learning tools – barriers come down and discussion and ideas seem to flourish. At first on-line meetings seemed to be quite rigid and structured. Through time these meetings have become more relaxed and inclusive.

There are now many cosmetic dental academies, associations and study clubs devoted to supporting shared learning and collaboration among clinicians. These organisations often provide a vital space for networking, where you are able to connect with potential mentors who can provide invaluable guidance on overcoming the unique pitfalls of the field and progressing your career.

Opportunities ahead

Online meetings have also led to collaboration, with referral partnerships being created and conversely –  treatments being introduced to practices which were previously unavailable.

Continued and progressive education in all aspects of dentistry is paramount to the success of the practice but more over – the success of the client journey, exceeding client expectations  -being able to advise and accommodate on all aspects of dental treatment is the way forward.


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