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Social Media Integration

Showcase your social media feeds on your TV screens

Share your social media content instantly

Social media is now an essential marketing tool for most dental practices. It allows you to engage with patients, and share a range of information and promotions with them in real-time.

Our social media apps functionality integrates your Instagram and Twitter accounts with Envisage Dental TV. The process is really simple, and will allow you to display your social media feeds on your TV screens instantly. This provides a range of benefits, including increasing your social reach and promoting your social media accounts to patients in the waiting room.

What can I share?

Envisage Dental TV integrates with a range of social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. This allows you to share content from these platforms on your TV screens instantly.

Twitter Feed

Share your Twitter feed on TV screens, including a QR code that patients can scan to view your Twitter page!

Instagram Feed

Connect your Instagram account to Envisage Dental TV and share your posts and associated images with customers in real time.

YouTube Content

Stream videos directly from YouTube to promote your products, examples of services you offer or oral health advice.

Increase trust with social media testimonials

Testimonials and reviews are a great way of increasing trust with patients. Positive reviews can lead to increased sales of products and services as patients feel more confident using your practice.

Social media testimonials are often very effective because they are organic and invoke higher levels of trust. Envisage Dental TV allows you to share these reviews with patients in the waiting room who may not otherwise have the opportunity to see them, increasing their reach.

What are the benefits?

Integrating your social media accounts with Envisage Dental TV provides a range of benefits, including:

Save time

Save time creating new content by sharing your existing Twitter or Instagram content on your screens.

Increase your social campaign reach

Sharing your social media content on Envisage Dental TV will increase the number of people who can view it.

Promote your social media channels

Promoting your Twitter and Instagram accounts on the screens in your waiting room will encourage patients to follow you.

Instant updates

Any content added to your social media channels is updated instantly on your TV screens without any additional work from you!

Get in touch

To find out more about getting Envisage Dental TV for your dental practice, please click the link below to contact us, or give us a call on 0114 399 0019.