Smile Clinic Group are a family of practices that have locations throughout the UK. The group’s overriding ethos is that all its practices retain their family atmosphere, with a friendly welcoming team to help provide a smooth and pleasant patient journey.

The group had been looking at ways to improve the waiting room experience for their patients for some time, and had even received requests from patients about using a patient call system. As they are using EXACT from Software of Excellence, they chose the Envisage Dental TV system because of its unique patient call integration. This means that patients can be called directly from the EXACT practice management system without any external software.

Now the system has been installed, the practice are really experiencing the time saving benefits and convenience of using a patient call system. This has saved a significant amount of time compared to collecting patients from the waiting room as they did before. Kim Read, Systems/IT Manager at the group, explains:

“We are loving the patient call system, it has helped our nurses so much as they no longer have to keep going up and down the stairs to collect patients. This makes the experience quicker all round.

Our patients had been saying for some time that we should have a calling system like GP practices do, so you can imagine how pleased they are now that we have it.”

Kim chose to have the Envisage Dental TV system professionally installed by our experienced engineers and she found the experience both straightforward and very convenient:

“Installation was quick and easy but we are so glad that you have people to do it as I wouldn’t know where to start with all those wires!”

The practice are now keen to understand how to use the system better and ensure they are getting the best out of the content available on the Envisage Dental TV Media App. However, they are already seeing patients take notice of the information displayed on the screens:

“I have training booked for next Thursday which I’m so excited about as I can’t wait to see what else Envisage Dental TV can do. The adverts that are already on the screens have made patients aware of the importance of changing their address and phone numbers, as that is one how the slides that comes on.”