Staffa Lodge are part of Smile Clinic Group, a family of practices that have locations throughout the UK.

They chose the Envisage Dental TV system because of its unique patient call integration, which means that patients can be called directly from the Software of Excellence EXACT practice management system. Kim Read, Systems/IT Manager at the group, answered a few questions for us about her experience with the system since having it installed:

What were the main reasons for purchasing a waiting room TV system with patient call for your dental practice?

One of the main reasons for purchasing the tv system was to save time for the nurses when calling patients and to advertise the products and services we offer.

How many surgeries do you have running?

We have 9 surgeries in total.

How many clients do you see in a day?

We see over 200 patients daily.

Do all the clinicians, dentists and hygienists use the patient call functionality?

All of our patients are being called into the surgeries using the waiting room TV system.

What are the main benefits of using the patient call functionality?

The main benefits to this system are: health and safety on the stairs, we’ve reduced the risk to staff falls, and more clinical/surgery time resulting in approximately 45 seconds to a minute saved every time a patient is called

How much time are your clinicians saving by not walking to and from the waiting room using the patient call functionality?

We are saving approximately 45 seconds to a minute every time a patient is called to their appointment. This is gives our clinicians more than two and a half hours extra time every day.

Do you like the educational content?

The educational content is very informative to the patients watching it as they await the call for their appointment.

Any other feedback regarding the Envisage Dental TV with Patient Call for EXACT V13?

We all truly wish the system had been introduced much sooner as it is effective and helps our practice massively.