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Display Solutions

A range of digital signage displays to help engage with patients

Your display, your way

Many dental practices have a screen installed in their waiting room. However, there are a range of other locations where digital signage displays can be installed to help engage and educate patients and market your practice better.

Envisage Dental TV offer a range of screen solutions suitable for a variety of different locations. All of our displays are commercial grade and designed for commercial usage. We also provide a range of content in our media library to help you get the best out of your new screens.

Standard LCD Displays

Whilst you can use almost any TV screen with our Envisage Dental TV system, we can also provide a range of high quality professional digital signage displays for those practices who require them.

All of our displays are commercial grade and designed to be online 18 hours a day, 7 days a week. Screen sizes start at 24″ and go all the way up to 75″ and can be installed in portrait or landscape rotation. Contact us here for our latest pricing.

High Brightness LCD Displays

LCD high brightness displays are specifically designed to perform in brightly lit environments and even in areas with direct sunlight, such as windows. Our commercial grade high brightness displays offer high contrast and excellent colour reproduction.

They have a backlight producing a brightness of up to 3000 cd/m2 and can be installed in portrait or landscape rotation. Please get in touch with your requirements.

Indoor Display Enclosures

Indoor display enclosures allow you to install a screen in your choice of location, including in windows, mounted on walls or other areas of the practice. They can be wall mounted or freestanding and a range of different hanging options are available.

Our enclosures are designed to withstand busy environments and a range of different enclosures and displays sizes are available, including 22″, 32″ and 43″, with both standard LCD and high brightness displays. A 3-year commercial warranty is included on all displays. Please contact us with your requirements.

Wall Mounted Enclosure

Wall Mounted Enclosures are designed to help your display stand out. They can be branded to your practice and used in either portrait or landscape rotation.

Pole Mounted Enclosure

A Pole Mounted Enclosure provides a secure fitting floor to ceiling for window or freestanding displays. Poles are individually cut to size to suite each location.

Chain Mounted Enclosure

Chain Enclosures feature adjustable eyelets to provide a secure fitting for windows or freestanding displays. A range of chain options are available.

Double-Sided Enclosure

A Double-Sided Enclosure allows a display to be installed on both sides. They can be pole or chain mounted and used in windows or other areas.

Freestanding Kiosks

Envisage Dental TV freestanding kiosks are designed to promote, inform and educate patients in a range of locations. They can be used in lobbies, hallways and other waiting areas to help promote your practice offers and services.

Our freestanding kiosks are available in 49″,  55″ and 65″ sizes and feature a 3 year commercial warranty. They are available as standard in black but can be custom designed in a range of colours if required. Please contact us for more information.

Installation Service

All of our displays and waiting room TV solutions are available with a full installation service. Our dedicated Numed Healthcare installation team will install your new display and waiting room TV system at a time and location of your choice and even show you how to use it!

For more information about the services available, please contact our team on 0114 243 3896, or send us a message.

Get in touch

To find out more about the digital signage displays available from Envisage Dental TV, click the link below to contact us, or give us a call on 0114 399 0019.